TumblrYounger generations are quickly becoming disenchanted with their Facebook accounts, and are seeking alternative solutions to connect with their friends online. Dissatisfied bloggers have found a new way to communicate using Tumblr, a blogging experience like no other.

Tumblr allows users to post Tumblelogs to their account to display music, videos, links, quotes, photos text, and other media. They can connect to their account (and with their friends) using a variety of devices including their phone, browser, mobile app, desktop, email and others. By abandoning their Facebook account, they use Tumblr instead, to keep prying eyes (their parents) from viewing any of their online activities.

Alternate Blogging Platform

Tumblr’s founder, Dave Karp, worked to provide a different blogging experience that was more intuitive, and direct, then the competition. As an alternate blogging platform, Tumblr makes it extremely easy to post almost any type of media or social bookmark to the user’s blog. This turnkey method of blogging allows instant modifications and customization to create individualized styles of unique web experiences.

Different Than Facebook

NBA TumblrWithout the need to connect or embed borrowed information onto an individual’s Tumblr site, everything is placed openly on the blog page itself. It works with the same features available on a large variety of social networks, encouraging visitors to “Like” the content, and even add content of their own to the site. Based on a simple, reciprocal centralized platform (similar to Twitter), family, friends and visitors can easily express their approbation, and even “reblog” the user’s content to their own site.

A Unique Elegance

Tumblr provides a way to design the site with one of their many elegant themes. It easily allows users to display their images and videos in a beautiful way. It has simple-to-use features that can post large amounts of text content, and depict meaningful images for the world to view.

A Sharing Experience

The easiest reason to understand why Tumblr is so popular is its ability to host large volumes of images. Many sites quickly “go viral”, spreading across the vast web due to its “Reblog Tool”. By clicking on the “Like” button, visitors can instantly copy the text or images to their Tumblr account for their own visitors to view.

Tumblr notes, reblog and like

Tumblr is a free product, which is easy to learn and use. Through a simple sign-up process, new members can instantly begin blogging, and learn many of the basic functions using the site’s help pages.

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