Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account:

  • Holiday World or bust! 16 Jul
  • Mother/son bonding :) 13 Jul
  • I’m watching A Thousand Words @GetGlue #AThousandWords 12 Jul
  • Zac Brown Band’s new album “Uncaged” for $3.99! 12 Jul
  • Trying out multiple video chats right now using ooVoo. Very impressed so far! 12 Jul
  • Register to win a Kindle Fire From Saver Gator! Go to to register! 12 Jul
  • Ran some automated queries to clean up my Twitter account a bit. If I unfollowed you, it wasn’t personal. You just met certain criteria. 12 Jul
  • Does anyone else think the host of the ESPYs is funny? Because I don’t. 11 Jul
  • Had fun making episode 4 earlier today! 11 Jul
  • Holy cow! I just received a HUGE settlement from the Hanson v. Google Settlement Fund. Now, where to start spending my $1.21? 11 Jul
  • 7/11 #KindleDailyDeal: Patrick Kendrick’s “Extended Family” $1.99 (60% off yesterday’s price) 11 Jul
  • 61 Willie Nelson songs for $2.99? That’s a whole lot of Willie! 10 Jul
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