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Tuesday Twitter Roundup 06-19-12

Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account:

  • My lamp finally went out on my widescreen television. I think it made it more than 5 years. Not bad, eh? 18 Jun
  • Basketball finals and a glass of Oliver 2009 Merlot. Perfect end to a fantastic Father’s Day. I love my family :) 17 Jun
  • Thunder gotta steal a road game! @GetGlue ?#NBAFinals? 17 Jun
  • Free Father’s Day beer glass at Jockamo’s today! 17 Jun
  • I unlocked the Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Box Office sticker on @GetGlue! 17 Jun
  • I’m watching Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (134 others checked-in) @GetGlue ?#Madagascar3? 17 Jun
  • And now some volleyball… 16 Jun
  • Kan Jam! 16 Jun
  • Recorded a bunch of movies from our free HBO weekend. @GetGlue ?#TheHangoverPartII? 16 Jun
  • 6/16 ?#KindleDailyDeal?: @ucrosspop25′s “The Cold Dish” $2.99 (77% off yesterday’s price) 16 Jun
  • Alright, admit it. Who watched Let it Shine last night? 16 Jun
  • Hedwig’s Theme 15 Jun
  • Playing Lunch Madness Trivia! 15 Jun
  • Apparently I forgot to add “spill box of opened pasta all over pantry” to my to-do list today. And of course, it had to be thin spaghetti. 15 Jun
  • This whole Nike shoe viral attack on Facebook is proving to me how vulnerable Facebook is. How have these posts not been blocked by now? 14 Jun
  • Is anyone rooting for Miami? @GetGlue ?#NBAFinals? 14 Jun
  • Give him the gift of a great read. Browse our selection of Father’s Day books on Kindle. 14 Jun
  • City of Greenwood sending me monthly bills for $5 for “Storm Water Utility”. TIP: Send me one bill for $60 for the year and be done with it. 14 Jun
  • I think the squirrels in my back yard are planning something. Seriously. 13 Jun
  • RT @vzwmichelle: Live near Columbus or Seymour ?#IN? & free 6/21? Celebrate ?#4GLTE? w/a Galaxy Tab giveaway! ?#vzwmidwest? 13 Jun
  • 6/13 ?#KindleDailyDeal?: Multiple authors, “More Sweet Tea” $1.99 (75% off yesterday’s price) 13 Jun
  • I showered and shaved this morning and now I’m going to get my haircut. I may have never looked this good. 13 Jun
  • If you are trapped in your house for 8 days, this could come in handy. ALL 8 seasons of “24″ in one box set! Exp @ midnight… 12 Jun
  • Here’s a $2 credit toward MP3s so you can listen to music on Amazon Cloud Player for iOS (or other devices): 12 Jun
  • I spent the last two weeks trying to figure out what neighbor’s baseball was in our back yard. Turns out it’s ours. 12 Jun
  • Tiger? Bubba? Who will be the U.S. Open Champion? Everything you need to know in Bleacher Report’s golf newsletter – sp 12 Jun
  • 6/12 ?#KindleDailyDeal?: @jbstanleyauthor “Carbs & Cadavers” $1.99 (77% off yesterday’s price) 12 Jun