The dust has now settled on the announcement of the iPad 3… er… the new iPad. And I’m curious to see who ran out and bought one, who is going to wait a little longer and who has absolutely no interest in the new iPad.

News stories have also popped up about problems with the new iPad including bad Wi-Fi reception, a misleading battery charge indicator and a poor display for some magazine apps. Will this affect anyone’s buying decision?

I’ve created a new poll to see if I can get answers to some of these questions. It’s featured on the Noobie home page but I’m including it here in this blog post as well for the sake of convenience.

Will you help me out by taking a few seconds to vote?

If you can not see the embedded poll above please use the following link: Which situation best describes your view of the new iPad?

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2 thoughts on “Which situation best describes your view of the new iPad? [POLL]

  1. asudduth

    I think maybe you needed a few more options on your poll:

    1) I don’t have an iPad, but now will buy an iPad 2.

    2) —maybe this goes along with #1 but – I don’t see a big difference between the iPad 2 and the new iPad,

    3) I don’t have an iPad, its not that I don’t want one, but not going to buy one

  2. asudduth, I could have added those choices but at some point, there are too many choices and it gets to be too difficult to see which one matches you best. Thank you for the suggestions though :)

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