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Go ahead and hate Netflix. I still love them

A lot of people are upset about Netflix after their recent announcement regarding their new pricing models. I’m not one of them. In fact, I’m as happy as ever with my Netflix service. Here’s two reasons why:

1. I only have the streaming service so the separation of streaming and DVD plans has no effect on me. I already figured out that the DVD service no longer works for me. I sat on the DVDs too long and I didn’t like being restricted to my living room to watch them. But watching the streaming movies and television shows on my iPad? Now that’s my cup of tea!

2. I give giant kudos to any company that admits a mistake or problem (and proactively do something about it) before some of its customers even know it’s a problem. I’m referring to this email I received a little a week ago:

Netflix We're Sorry You Had Trouble Watching Instantly

So there you have it. I still love my Netflix service. How about you? Are you loving or hating Netflix right now?