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How to share your Kindle books with your friends

Q: How do I share a Kindle book once I am done reading it? – Angela from North Fort Myers, Florida

A: There are so many reasons to love a Kindle. It’s light, portable and you can store a zillion books on it. Not too mention it saves untold number of trees every year by skipping the whole printing on paper process. The Kindle pretty much rivals traditional printed books in every way.

Well, almost every way.

With a traditional book you can easily pass it along to your friends when you’re done reading it. And they can pass it along to their friends and so on and so on. But I’m guessing most of you Kindle owners out there wouldn’t be too keen on the idea of passing your Kindle along to your friends.

Kindle get your loaned book now

Luckily, Amazon provides a means for lending (some of your) Kindle books without having to hand over your Kindle to your friends. It’s not available for every Kindle book and the loan period is only 14 days but the process works when it can.

You can find the full set of instructions for lending a Kindle book on Amazon’s web site.

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