Q: How do I stop all of those annoying pop-ups when I’m using the Internet?

A: You have a couple of choices when it comes to blocking pop-ups that appear while you are surfing the Internet.

If you are using the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Firefox, both of these Internet browsers have pop-up blocking built into them. In Internet Explorer, use the Tools button and look for the Pop-up Blocker menu item. In Firefox, use the Tools menu item to select Options. Under the Content section you will find a checkbox to block pop-up windows.

Google ToolbarA third option is to add a toolbar, such as the Google toolbar, to your browser by going to toolbar.google.com and clicking the Download Google Toolbar button.

Keep in mind that not all pop-ups are bad. Some web sites will use pop-ups to ask for registration information or to present you with a wait screen when the web page is performing a task such as submitting your credit card order. In these cases, you will need to create exceptions for your pop-up blocker to allow these pop-ups.

It is this reason that I prefer to use the Google toolbar to block pop-ups. With the Google toolbar when a desired pop-up is blocked you can just click the pop-up blocker button on the toolbar and Google will automatically create an exception for the web site as well as make an attempt to re-display the pop-up that was blocked.

With some of the built-in pop-up blockers you need to manually enter the web site address if you want to accept pop-ups for that site.

If you are unsure about a pop-up, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard before clicking on a link that results in a pop-up. This tells your pop-up blocker to temporarily allow the pop-up so you can make your own decision whether or not to allow the pop-up in the future.

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